Sheva (sheva_vet) wrote,

Новое поколение

А вот смотрите, кто тут есть! Вдогонку к вчерашнему.

У Эдварда Гала есть такой датский теплокровный коник, зовут GLOCK's Zonik (Blue Hors Zack x GLOCK's Romanov), 2008 г.р.

Picture © Arnd Bronkhorst Photography

Но самое прикольное — у него есть сын Тотиласа — GLOCK's Toto Jr. Вот тут ему три годика, их первая совместная езда:

Picture © Arnd Bronkhorst Photography

"It was a special relationship between his father and me. This is nothing you can learn or train. It's a gift from the horse. And I'm just happy to feel that his son gives me the same honor." Edward Gal about GLOCK's Toto Jr.
"If I look at him, I always see his father. He is like a friend. I'm really happy with him!" Edward Gal after the ceremony about GLOCK's Toto Jr.
Tags: Лошади, Спорт, картинки
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